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Friday, August 6, 2010

Raising Rock Star Preschoolers--long post

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this website and this one and after some heavy browsing, decided this was something the Noodle and I were going to undertake.  I already knew I was going to start doing some "table time" with her--basically focusing on pre-academic stuff like letters, numbers, patterning, sequencing, fine motor skills, etc. but that I wanted to make it fun, low-key and non-threatening.  This is exactly the kind of stuff that I did when I was in the classroom, so I already had quite a few materials on hand.  What I like about this mom's philosophy is that she incorporates many Montessori approaches (something I have VERY limited knowledge of but have been curious about) as well as making the learning biblically based.  I guess I just needed a kick in the pants some inspiration to get the ball rolling!

Most afternoons, after the Noodle wakes up from her nap, we head on down for about 20 minutes of "table time".  So far, she's been excited to see what's on tap each day and (most days) is an eager and willing little student.  Let me just insert a few comments for the record:  1., I have no expectations of her becoming a "wiz kid" and skipping grades, etc.  2., her attention span and interest led me to believe that she might be ready to tackle something a bit more challenging but I know that each kiddo is different, and 3.  if it becomes a battle then we'll either scale back or drop it completely. 

The other reason I wanted to focus a bit more on the "academic" end of things is that while I love her nursery school and feel it is a great fit for her, it is primarily play-based.  This is exactly what she needs right now--interactions with her peers, ample opportunities to use and explore language, time to spread her own little wings without my presence, etc.  I haven't been worried about the "academic" side of things because I knew that I could supplement that at home.  Since I have one more year off before I have to go back to work, it seemed like the perfect time to get started.

Raising Rock Star Preschoolers is based on God's Word and begins with the foundation of learning, memorizing and applying a verse each week, taken from the book  My ABC Bible Verses.  There is a letter, sight word and number of the week, a simple reader, handwriting practice, craft, song and life application of the biblical verse...ALL FOR FREE PEOPLE!  This mom just wants to share the love.  Ya gotta love that, because I know how long it takes to create this stuff!  

In this video (hopefully you can hear--we used J's new i-Pod; just mute the music and turn up the speakers) the Noodle has cut out her verse and put it in order and now she is reading/reciting it:
The verse is:  "Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven--Matthew 5:16".  The other benefit?  This forces me to memorize some scripture too--something I am woefully lacking in!

I'll keep you posted as to how it all goes :) 

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