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Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun Friday--Lunchtime with Daddy

If J's schedule permits it, the Noodle and I love to go down and eat lunch with him.  Sometimes we sit by the river, sometimes we sit by the Lake, other times, it is a park close to his office.  Today, we decided to venture a little further and headed over to the main library's reading garden.  It is filled with dappled sunlight, lots of chairs and benches, various water features and constantly changing artwork.  My favorite part of the garden, however, are all of the little boys and girls who cavort around the ABC gates.  I love to spot them hiding, or hanging out and just think they are too darn cute!  It was so relaxing to "picnic" and enjoy this little bit of tranquility among the busy city streets.  Happy Friday to you!
See the little guy up in the corner, holding the letter B?
These 2 greeted us as we walked in :)
Finishing up the last bits of lunch.

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