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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Noodle turns 9

The Noodle celebrated her birthday right before Christmas.  Both sets of grandparents came over for a pizza dinner and ice cream cake for dessert.
We decided to postpone her party until after Christmas because of schedules, the craziness of life, etc., etc.  So glad that we did--we were really able to just enjoy it and not feel like one.more.thing.
She wanted to keep it small, so there were only a few little girls, which again was great.  The movie The Good Dinosaur was still playing and she thought it would be fun to go see that and then have ice cream afterwards.  Done and done.
Mei Mei invited a friend to join us as well.  What a sweet bunch of girls.  At one point, when all the girls went running ahead, giggling and screaming, he looked at me with a dazed look on his face and said "I guess this is our future?!"  Ha!
The movie was sweet and there may have been a tear shed or two.  As we were driving home, Mei Mei's eyelids kept getting heavier and heavier.  She just couldn't stay awake.  I guess it is a sign of a good party when you collapse on the floor right inside the door ;)
Noodle, you are turning into such a young lady!  Daddy and I love to see how God is moving in your life to grow you and shape you into the exact person who He has created you to be.  You still really like dinosaurs but are also into any kind of science.  Robots are beginning to be high on your interest list.  You love to read and given long stretches of time, will devour a book if you're not busy creating with your Legos!  You are creative, funny and such a good problem solver--we love to see your mind at work.  You are maturing and learning more and more about when to say things out loud and when to keep those thoughts in your head--ha!  We love you to the China moon and back and still love to pull you onto our laps to cuddle with you.  We know you secretly love it.  Happy birthday Chinese Noodle!!

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