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Monday, November 2, 2015

Spook-tacular Halloween

We had a spook-tacular Halloween that was actually spread over two weekends.  Woop-woop!!
Last weekend we took the girls to the orchestra for a fun family event.  We ended up deciding to go at the last minute and I didn't know if we'd get tickets, but we did.  Yay for procrastinating!!  Our orchestra has been promoting a deal for the past few years that if you buy an adult ticket, you get a free ticket for a child under 18.  It has really boosted sales (obvs.) and is a great way to introduce children to the symphony.

They got to dress up in their costumes and all of the musicians were also dressed in costumes, so that was a bonus.  A panda and a cheerleader for the win!

When that was finished we headed home and decided to swing by a local church who was raising money for a mission trip by selling pumpkins.  It was pretty close to the closing time, but since we hadn't gotten pumpkins yet, we thought we'd give it a chance.
Mei Mei fell asleep in the car and then was super cranky about being woken up so she was grousing and whining the whole time.  The church had a ton of pumpkins left and they were still open so we found two and headed for home.  Once she found her pumpkin she brightened up ;)
On Friday, Mei Mei and I went to the Noodle's school party to watch the parade and celebrate.  I kept asking her if she wanted to wear her costume but she was adamant about NOT wanting to put it on.
She also didn't want any part in wearing any of the cute Halloween dresses that we have.  Instead, she was all about her sparkly Valentine's shirt.  #holidaymismash
Saturday we raked leaves at our house as well as a neighbor's and then it was TIME.  Both girls were soo pumped!
It really was great having Halloween on a Saturday so that there wasn't the rush to speed home from work/school, gulp down dinner and then hit the streets.  Much more relaxed!
We went over to a neighbor's house for an early pizza dinner and then went out.  Can you feel the excitement?!
It was also the best weather that we've had in a long time.  The past two years have been pouring rain with wind, so low '50s and dry was definitely welcome!
We ended the night by sorting and organizing candy.  Isn't that what everyone loves to do?!
Hope your Halloween was filled with lots of treats too!!

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