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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Celebrating 90 years of amazing!

Whew! 90 years old!!  That's what we celebrated this past weekend--my Nana turning 90 (actually right around Thanksgiving...but still--impressive, no?!)

ALL of the family gathered back together to celebrate the life of Nana.  The best place to start?  At an (almost) family restaurant.  Bring it!
The girls were in their glory because Aunt C and Uncle were able to drive 7 hours to join in the fun.
Next it was back to my Uncle's house for cake, champagne, toasts and laughter.  Um, I could get use to this!  Ha!
I mean, hello?!, gorgeous table, gorgeous house.  
On Sunday, Nana was taken to and from church in style.  A '54 Caddy isn't a shabby way to tool around town, is it?!  The girls thought it was pretty fab too!
For lunch, the extended family all met up at the country club.  My mom's cousins were there so it was quite a bit bigger than the day before, but the focus was still the same.  Celebrating Nana.
Everyone stood up and talked about how Nana had touched their lives.  Some talked about how she always makes anyone feel welcome in her home--such a hostess and so gracious.
Others talked about how her mantra has always been "if you have to do something, do it graciously" and how that impacted them.
We are so blessed to have Nana as the matriarch of the family.    Everyone who meets her is touched by her loving kindness.  She is like the energizer bunny and just keeps on going!
Nana with her five children.
Nana with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren
Since we're all spread apart so far, it is great to have these types of activities to get re-centered again.  It was a wonderful weekend to laugh and enjoy family.    
Here's to a wonderful woman that we all get to call Nana!

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