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Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas, Christmas time is here........

Yes, I've got the Chipmunk's song playing away in my head...thankfully it is not on the Pandora station or I'd really be doomed!

So today we're doing it.  Bring on the Christmas decorations!  Boom.
I'm feeling a bit late to the game, since it seems that quite a few people are now decorating BEFORE Thanksgiving.  Do you?!  I know it was late this year, and all, but still.  I feel that the turkey deserves his day to shine.  Perhaps that will change as the years go by?  Never say never, I guess!!

It pretty much rained non-stop all day.  Perfect to stay inside and get our Christmas on.  The girls were troopers--cleaning, carrying, helping organize and setting up.  The two of them basically put up the tree by themselves.  J was just there acting as a guide--ha!  My bet is that by next year, they will have it totally under control!
It is always fun to stop and read the Christmas books.  Especially Elf on the Shelf...Cupcake could be coming back at any time!!!  Stay tuned.
The Little People nativity set is always a hit too.  Setting it up.  Re-arranging it.  Acting out the Christmas story.  Pressing the angel on top of the manager so that 'Away in a Manger' plays--ad nauseam--majorly annoying your sister.  Good times.
By dinnertime everyone was pooped and I hardly wanted to think about what to prepare.  So I let my fingers do the walking and Chinese food it was.  And if you know my crew, you know that no one complained one bit.
We ended the night in my most favorite way.  Champagne on the couch with my favorite guy at one end and the lights twinkling in the background.
It's the most beautiful time of the year!

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