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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

One--Impossible Starts Here book review

I have known about 147 Million Orphans for quite a while now.  The two founders, Suzanne Mayernick and Gwen Oatsvall have been around in the adoption community, and if you spend anytime on adoption blogs, eventually you'll run into them.  Like I know them in real life--not--but sometimes you feel like perhaps you know someone on a blog, personally, even when you really don't...is that creepy and weird?!  J definitely thinks so!!  Ha.

Anyway, for Mother's Day I bought for myself was given this cute shirt
and as an added bonus, when it was purchased, it provided a week's worth of food for a child in need. Win-win all the way around.  As I was poking around a little more on their blog, I saw that they had written a book about their experiences and knew that I wanted to read it.

Let me tell you--excellent read!  So much so, that I ended up buying multiple copies that I plan to give to a few folks ;)

The main premise behind the book is that when we say yes to God, "to simply love the One person in front of us, doing the One next thing He's telling us, and believing in the only One whose glory shines through it...[then] the  impossible really does start right here."  While the book pulls heavily from the adoptions that both families pursued, it is hardly only a adoption book.  It is really more about "embracing the one opportunity for obedience, love or service that's staring you in the face today and watching God stretch it (and you) into something (and into someone) that you never imagined possible."

Both of these women are very upfront about how often, when God calls us to step out of the boat and move forward with faith, it is messy, scary and many times doesn't make "logical" sense.  It can stretch our time, talents and treasures.  We're frequently quick to say no but what would happen if we said yes?

Interested in learning more?  Here is a video clip about the book:
If you'd rather read the first chapter, you can read it here.

I wasn't asked to give a review and am not being compensated for talking about this book (although I certainly wouldn't say no to a few more copies ;)) but just felt the Holy Spirit whispering to write about it and responded with a "yes".  As my bible study can attest, I've been feeling like the Spirit has been calling me to press in closer and I am excited to see what the Lord has planned.

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