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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Father's Day!

This year we were able to stretch Father's Day over two weekends.  Yipee!
We started off by going on a train ride with Grandpa.  Both girls love doing this, and the track is small enough that the Noodle was even able to drive the train around a couple of times.  Bonus!
After riding the rails we headed out to the beach.  It was suuuper rough so there wasn't (too) much swimming, but lots of laughter and running in and out of the waves.  It is always fun to wander up and down on the beach looking for beach glass and cool shells or rocks.  A certain little person may or may not have been poking dead fish with her stick too.  Totally gross!!
Then, this past weekend, J and I started off with a date night.  Our church had a praise and worship night, so Lollie and Papa babysat the girls.
Saturday we had our neighborhood's annual pancake breakfast so J was busy cooking up cakes.  The girls and I took him out for dinner on Saturday night to a local tex-Mex restaurant.   The burritos are bigger than your head but soo good.  No surprise, both of the kidlets got beans and rice ;)  J jokes about how we're alwaays eating beans-n-rice, but it is a winner in our household and who am I to mess with that?

Sunday, after church and quiet time, we went to Lollie and Papa's condo to go swimming.  The pool was a hit and after working up an appetite, we had us some Greek food from a local festival. Yum-O! I think eating ethnic food is one of my love languages.  Seriously.  Greek, Indian, Thai, Mexican, Chinese...my mouth waters just thinking about it.  I know Papa and J feel the same way!
We are so fortunate to be able to spend lots of time with both Grandpa and Papa.  They have been wonderful inspirations as to what being a father means.  I know J respects and looks up to both men and I am blessed that they are now pouring into our girls, just like they poured into us.
Happy Father's Day!

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