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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ballet and getting grubby

Oh these two!  They make my heart smile.
Mei Mei loves music and to dance.  She's been taking a music class for more than a year now but for the summer, I thought she'd like to try ballet.
We went and bought her leotard and ballet shoes--such excitement!  So much so, in fact, that she's having a difficult time knowing when she's actually starting (not for a few more weeks).  I thought if we had a countdown chain, it might help her understand a little better.  She had fun putting it together.  I had fun working on pre-academic skills like scissor skills and patterning--typical teacher mom.  Ha!
While we were at the ballet store, I saw signs advertising a show of excerpts from Swan Lake.  It was being held at one of the local libraries in their auditorium.  Perfect!
When the Noodle got dressed this morning for church she was adamant about wanting to wear her silks.  Who am I to dissuade that?!  She was also able to convince Mei Mei to wear her's, so they were decked out in their finery for both church and then for the performance.  So sweet!!
They both loved the performance and it was just the right length.  When we got home, this is what we saw:
When we had gotten up this morning, we had seen our street was filled up with water due to a water main break, but by the time we got home, the water crew was there working.  We went from Chinese silks and ballet to backhoes and good ol' fashion grub.  They were as fascinated by this scene as they were by the ballet.  Love these two!!
Mei Mei took breaks from watching the excitement out front to help Daddy repair some of Grandma and Grandpa's Adirondack chairs.  She's just like the Noodle and loves to help Daddy!

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Seth said...

Love this post and the Last Day of School post...we so need to FaceTime this weekend! Love you guys!! Super cute kiddos!!