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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Lucky Birthday Noodles--a book

I don't think there's a mom out there that isn't thrilled when their family is given a book for the children. Colorful pictures?  Sweet story?  Main character in which you can relate?  All wins!  When the story revolves around China, Chinese culture or adoption it is even better.  A few years ago I even wrote a post about just that--see here.

I wanted to share a special story about a little girl who celebrates her birthday in a unique way--Mei-Mei's Lucky Birthday Noodles.  The character, Mei Mei, is turning six and as she awakens on her special day, she knows that she'll be helping prepare her special meal with her mama.

What's on the menu?  Lucky birthday noodles of course, since in the Chinese culture, noodles symbolize having a long and happy life.  Yum!
The story gently touches on adoption, the way in which this particular family helps weave Mei Mei's history into her present and even includes a recipe for lucky birthday noodles.
When I read the story to our Mei Mei, she got very excited since she happens to loove noodles and was quite enamored with the main character's party dress.  Ha!  She also liked that she and the main character shared the same name.
If you're looking for a way to start a new tradition, curious about bringing a little more Chinese culture into your lives or just ready to read a new book, I'd definitely recommend Mei-Mei's Lucky Birthday Noodles by Shan-Shan Chen.  Happy reading (and slurping!).

**This post was sponsored by Tuttle Publishing, but all opinions are my own.

Just added:  We had lucky "gotcha" day noodles for Mei Mei last night using this recipe and everyone LOVED them!  It was super easy and quick--a perfect weekday meal.  Enjoy!

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