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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer's here part II...bring on the blueberries

 A few weeks ago we hit the U-pick farm for strawberries (here).  July means it is time for blueberries!!
I had originally thought we'd go next week, but the Noodle will be doing a summer camp and I knew she'd want to go with us.  The weather was forecasted to be lovely, so we decided to do it today.
We ended up picking 7.5 lbs. of blueberries.  That was after Mei Mei decided she would "help" by emptying her bucket...into the dirt.  Sigh.  The Noodle and I picked up as many as we could.  After that, she decided she'd rather dig with a stick--ha! :)  At least we knew where she was!  I remember when the Noodle was Mei Mei's age and we had gone--her little trick was to hide in the bushes, poke the berries with a stick and then suck out the insides.  Oh well, it's all good in the end, right?!

Of course our little adventure wouldn't be complete without a stop to the frozen custard stand.  Yum-mo!
After all that picking, it was a pretty quite ride home in the car.  Now, if I can just sneak in a 10 minute nap before I go address that blueberry pie which is calling my name.........

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