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Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July festivities

Uncle and Aunt C came in to spend the 4th with us.  Yeah!!  My Nana and aunt also came up from down South.  Double bonus!!
We celebrated Mei Mei's birthday.  Again :)  She didn't mind in the least (once she got over being shy around Uncle and Aunt C)!
We hit the local Independence Day carnival.  In Uncle's words..."This place hasn't changed.  At all.  The rides are even in the exact same location as when I was growing up!"  Ahhh, nostalgia!
We ate.  And ate.  Oh yeah, and ate some more.
We celebrated the freedom that we have been so graciously given (and quite honestly, too often take for granted) and we celebrated being around those that we love.

It was a good great holiday!!

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