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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Big 4-0

J had a "milestone" birthday over the weekend...the Big 4-0!  We talked about what he wanted to do and he said, in all honesty, he just wanted to keep it simple and celebrate with those he loved. Afterall, 40 is just the number that comes after 39, and he's pretty cool with being one year older, so no reason to fuss ;)

No big SURPRISE!!!!!  No fancy party.  Just ice-cream cake, the water and his peeps.  Those were his only requirements.  Low-key and relaxed...just like him.
We had a date night on Saturday and then Sunday we went out to visit his folks.  Grilled eats and treats, a train ride and LOTS of beach time.
Happy 40th birthday My Love!!  I'm looking forward to spending 40+ more with you (even though I can't even fathom being 80!!).

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Seth said...

Thanks for the blog post and pictures, great to see the fun and festivities!! Wish we could've been there to be a part of "his peeps"!