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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Visit with Santa

Today was a first for us--a visit with Santa.  In years past, the Noodle was always pretty apprehensive about hangin' with the Man in the Red Suit.  She had, in fact, no desire to go see him, talk to him or really even be relatively close to him.  I almost didn't even bring up about 'breakfast with Santa' this year, but at the last minute, threw it out there.  She was interested.

Her school had it well organized (because really, it's crazy enough during the holidays and who wants to deal with chaos associated with an unorganized Santa visit?!) so we ate a yummy breakfast and then went in to do a craft or two before it was her turn to go up. 
After they reviewed her top-3 wish items (My Little Ponies, a horse in a carrying case and a talking Spiderman) she was popped up onto his lap, smiled and then hopped down.  No fear.  I'd say it was a success!

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