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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fa la la la la!

The Noodle is becoming much more particular in her thoughts regarding clothes, hair accessories (or lack there of), etc.  Ha!  I knew it was just a matter of time ;).  Thankfully this year she has to wear a
uniform, so mornings are pretty smooth...next year just might be a different story!
Last night was her school choir concert.  The plan was that she was going to wear her Christmas outfit (turtleneck and sweater with the skirt).  10 minutes before we're suppose to leave, she informs me that her music teacher said they were not suppose to wear turtlenecks because it would be too hot up on stage.  When I tried to let her know that it would be o.k., she became very indignent and said that I was not to make her break the rules and that her teacher said so!  Now, as an aside, there was a lengthy letter that came home regarding what the kiddos were and were not suppose to wear, and there wasn't any mention about turtlenecks....anywhoooo, she ran upstairs and pulled out this shirt I just finished for her and declared that it would be o.k. to wear this.  Thank goodness it matched!  BTW, the only reason she agreed to a bow was because her babysitter very sweetly asked her to so that she would be spotted up on stage--thanks J!
I used this t-shirt via Pinterest (unfortuantely the link isn't working...sorry to whoever originally created this cutie!) as the inspiration but re-worked the color combo.
Pinned Image

Interested in making one for yourself?  Great...here's how I did it!

1 long sleve t-shirt (thank you Tar-Jay)
2 different colors of ric-rac
1 coordinating ribbon
matching thread

1.  I started at the base of the tree and cut my ric-rac approx. 8 in. long.  Pin it in place to keep it straight and then sew it on.
2.  I continued alternating ric-rac and ribbon, getting smaller by the inch (7", 6", 5", etc.) and sewing them into place.
 3.  Finish with a bow on top (I tacked it on) and a "trunk" (not shown).
The concert was as cute as you can imagine.  The only drawback?  Since 3 classess of Kindergarten students, 3 classes of first graders and 3 classes of second graders were all singing at once on the stage, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Literally, especially since the Kinders were standing on the floor rather than the risers.  The only way we got a glimpse of the Noodle was when we stood up (for like 30 seconds) to try and find her.  Oh well.....

By the time we got home it was 8:30 and someone had fallen asleep in the car.  J brought her in and put her down so he could take off his coat.  I tell ya, when she's out, she's out!

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Debbie Sauer said...

Love the shirt. I made a few for my granddaughters. Blessings