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Monday, December 24, 2012

Pony Party

Well, the world didn't burst into flames on the 21st like the Mayans predicted, but the Noodle did turn 6.  This year, she had a party.  With friends.  Stepping into the big leagues!  The theme?  Horses and ponies--of course!
We decided to keep it pretty low-key and just have it at home.  On a couple of the RSVPs the question was asked whether or not a real pony was going to be present...alas no...not in our yard.  In December.  It seemed like all the youngsters still had fun though, live pony or not.
While all the guests arrived, they girls busied themselves by coloring some horse pictures and playing with the toy horses.  Once everyone got here we played a couple rounds of Pony BINGO and then pin-the-tail-on-the pony.  I read a pony picture book while J got the cake ready and the table set.  Then it was on to ice cream and birthday cake.  We rounded out the afternoon with the opening of presents.  Quite a few sequeals of joy and oooohs and aahhhs by both young and old:)
There was a little time at the end, so the girls decided to break out the Noodle's new gifts and try their hands at playing with them.  When the 2 hours were up, the parents starting arriving and each little girl left with her very own thank-you long sleeve pony t-shirt.
There were a couple of parents who stayed for the party.  They commented at how calm the girls were and how smoothly everything had gone.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and have fun, so I'd say that the first "friend party" was a success!!

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