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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fun on the farm

 This afternoon we headed out to our favorite apple/pumpkin farm.  It's a small place.   A looong way out.  Quiet--without all the bells and whistles that sometimes accompany these kinds of farms.  But that's o.k. by us.  It has everything we need.  Pumpkins.  Apples.  A friendly farm cat.  A tasty treat or two.
It didn't take long for us to find that perfect pumpkin.  You just kinda know it when ya see it, don't ya?  Then we filled up a big bag of apples and of course, stopped to give our regards to the kitty.  No stop to an orchard would be complete with an apple and an apple fritter (split 3 ways) so we of course had to have one.  Yummo! 
And as far as those ellusive brown shoes?  Well we had success at N*rdstroms.  At least I think we did.  They're sending us a pair.  Fingers cross they fit.  We've even got the toe and heel pads to help that little foot fit a bit more snugly.  I guess I missed the fashion memo, in regards to footware in the size 8-12 toddler shoe department.  Seems that black and pewter/copper are all the rage this year.  Nary a brown shoe to be found.  Hmph.  Black I get and pewter/copper are way cool too, but my only question is this....how do you polish pewter or copper?!  Guess we'll have to wait and see.

And just because I love to see the passage of time, here are a few photos from years past. 
2010--We went to a different place this year.
2008--A few weeks after we arrived home!

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