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Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Festival

It seems to be a tradition, no matter the preschool/elementary school, to host a fall festival.  You have to have all the right components of course:  pumpkins, a cake walk, cider and pizza, face painting, games and highly coveted prizes like spider and bat rings and of course hyped-up kiddos running here and there in their costumes.  Ah, yes...the fall festival.
The only other LEGO block we saw.
We went to the Noodle's tonight and it met all the criteria, plus a few extras like a s'more station, cookie decorating station and a "photo booth".  In true Noodle fashion, she walked around with a straight face but at the end of the night declared "I had sooo much fun!".  Sweet girl!
The big hits?  The bat and spider rings and the pumpkin face paint.  She was adamant that J not wash it off when he washed her face before bed.  This was right before she conked out in bed...exhausted from so many festivities :)
A cardboard LEGO costume is sooo not fire friendly.
Tomorrow we begin the elusive search for a new pair of brown shoes that actually fit her narrow foot (so far the ol' stand-byes Str*de R*te, Tar-Jay and F*mous F**tware have left us out in the cold) and then, fingers crossed, to go pick pumpkins and apples!  Should be a busy, fun weekend!!

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