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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Daddy daughter date day

Try saying that one 3 times fast!  Definitely ties your tongue up into knots :)  Tee Hee
Today the Noodle's preschool met down at our city's science center.  J and the C.N. had a date.  What fun!  There were lots of exhibits about space to explore.

Opportunities to play with sound, vibration and pitch.
Flight simulators.
Some kind of exhibit that dealt with race cars and screws...I got kinda lost on this one, but, because it had cars, it was one of the Noodle's favorites.
And of course no trip to a museum is complete with out a stop to the gift shop.  I'm loving the hat! And of course that serious face.  Ha!
After a yucky and disgusting unappetizing lunch at the museum cafe (J and C's words, not mine), J took the Noodle back to the babysitter's house and he headed down to work.  All in all, a pretty fun date day--minus the meal, of course!

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