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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sayin' goodbye to the naps!

Well I knew it was coming, but I was sure sad to see it go!  The Noodle is no longer taking a nap.  I do realize that she took one for quite a bit longer than most kiddos her age.  Honestly, each afternoon she was ready (and had no trouble sleeping for an hour and a half), but when it came to bedtime, she was wide awake (not being disruptive, just...awake) until 9:00-9:15, when her bedtime was 8:00.
So we decided to switch things up a bit.  Now, each afternoon she goes into her room for some "quiet time".  It is usually for about an hour and most of the time she spends reading to herself either on her bed or in her rocker.  She also can play with any other toys in her room, but she has to stay in there until she hears the timer go off.  I have to say it is working great!  I still get some time to myself (clean, get dinner ready, sew, blog, etc.) and she gets some downtime to just chill.  We also bumped up bedtime by about 30 minutes, which seems to be a good idea.
Sigh.  My little peanut is growing into such a big girl, isn't she?!  One more step away from babyhood into the realm of growing up!!

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