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Monday, June 20, 2011

A new chapter

Well it is official...the Noodle is a reader!  She has been reading environmental print (words that are out and about in the world that she comes in contact with frequently, i.e. zoo, T*rget, Ch*erios, etc.) for quite a while now, but has been slowly adding sight words to her repertoire. 
Each week when we go to the library we take out 1-2 "red dot" books that she can read.  That is how our library designates early reader books.  We start by taking a picture walk through the book to talk about the story.  Then I will read it to her.  Throughout the week we then work on her reading the book. 
The struggle that I have is that different companies have different views of "early reading".  For most books she is at a level 1, but then I'll pull a book that I think would be good, open it up and realize that it is way too easy or too challenging.  It is a learning experience for me as well!!  I really like the "step into reading" series, which I feel is perfect for where she is right now. 
During table time we're incorporating some short/long vowel work, word families as well as continuing to build onto her sight word vocabulary.  While we've finished with the Raising Rock Star Preschool program that Carissa developed (letter/sound work), now we're tackling the You Can Read program.  So far it is progressing at the perfect speed for the Noodle.  Even though she is shy to read in front of others, you can tell she is so proud of herself.  We are too!

***Sorry for the poor photos...the lighting wasn't the best!

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