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Friday, April 8, 2011

Update from yesterday

Nope, no news about Mei Mei...yet.
So I seem to have sent out some misleading information yesterday.  We are not currently in the process for Mei Mei (yet) but we ARE going to be going back to China--hopefully sooner rather than later.  I guess the news that I have been sitting on is that I got my placement for next year (my leave of absence is up).  I will be teaching at the middle school level in a self-contained special education classroom.  Ironically, I will have quite a few students that I had in the past so that will make the learning curve much easier!  Especially because I've never taught middle school before!  Ha ha!  Changes are ahead for our family but I know that the Lord has already smoothed the path for us.


Ryan said...

omg! what school?

Jaime said...

sorry, that was me, not ryan! :)

E said...

Ha ha! Garfield...BRIDGES