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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

All around the Oval

As I've said before, we are blessed to live in a town that is rich with museums and culture.  Quite a few of them are centered around an "oval", so visiting them is easy!  My favorite, of course, is the art museum, and since it is free, there's no reason not to go!!  Even if we just bop over there for an hour or two, which when you're with a 4 year old that's about all they're interested in doing, it is no big deal.

We decided to head over to the "oval" this morning and hit the museum--Armour Court being top of the list for the Noodle and for me, I was curious to see a current exhibit on Korean and Japanese painted pottery.  Once again, we weren't disappointed--and we had the museum almost to ourselves :)
Oops...we're not suppose to touch--a second later a guard came over to remind us!

Afterwards we took a stroll around the "oval" and stopped to look at some of the other sights.
There's just something about that big, expansive sidewalk that makes little ones want to run.
 Meeting "Steggie" outside the Natural History Museum:
She told me she was putting suntan lotion on him so he wouldn't get burned.  Ha ha!
  Playing in the pea gravel outside the Botanical Garden's gates:
And just stopping to enjoy the beautiful day that God blessed us with (read:  NO RAIN!!!...at least this a.m.)

Our local paper today indicated that since March 1st, our area has had only 6, 6 people!, days above 50 degrees without rain.  Jeesh...good thing we've got gorgeous green grass to prove it!  Now if only the tree leaves would hurry up and come out!

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