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Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Latest "find"

What to be let in on a little secret?  I have a new haunt that I visit quite frequently.  While I know lots of others are obsessed waaay into this little "diamond in the rough", I honestly never saw myself as a follower.  Can you guess?

Drum roll please................................it is shopping at the G*odwill!   
Let me back up a bit.  A while back, I saw this tutorial on MADE and I thought, BINGO.  I need to get  some knit shirts and start making leggings for the Noodle (there are times in a girl's life when tights just won't cut it).  Where to go?  Where to go?  Fingers drumming....And then I had my a-ha moment...the G*odwill.  XL t-shirts at $3.50, each in a dazzling array of colors?  Throw in 50% off or $1 day?  Yes please! 

Even when a certain someone is displaying a burst of exuberance and starts running on cement, only to fall and bust open a knee and rip a hole into said leggings, all is o.k.  Just pop back in to the G*odwill to buy another brown t-shirt and whip up a second pair. 
Shocking, isn't it?!
And now those little legs will stay cozy, even if it is gray, drizzly and only 42 degrees out!

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