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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's party

The Noodle had her first ever school party this morning--a Valentine's party. Since they are only in school on Mondays and Tuesdays, and Valentine's day falls on a Sunday this year, they celebrated early. The room was a sea of red and pink and all variations of hearts. Fun and festive! Early on, before school had even officially started, the teachers had asked if I wouldn't mind being the room mother. This was my first task--to organize the food, treat bags and party. Thank goodness for e-mail as a way to coordinate everything! After being on the teacher end of parties, I knew I wanted things to run smoothly and be as organized as possible. I use to always have mixed emotions about party days because they could just be soooo exhausting! All in all, I think things went well. I really can't take any credit for it though, because the Noodle's teachers had obviously dealt with a roomful of excited 3 year olds and the parents that accompany them...they had all the nitty gritty details worked out thus ensuring a great party.

Good friends--like the "tough guy" face?!
Waiting to go to circle time.
Listening to a story about everyone's favorite big, red dog.

What's inside?

Getting ready to say grace before eating the goodies.


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