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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Maple sugaring

In our little corner of the US, late February through March means it is time to tap the maple trees to make maple sugar. This morning we went to our local Metroparks to learn a little more about it. While most of the time was indoor, we did venture out at the end to see an actual tree with a bag full of sap. I was amazed to learn how much sap is needed in order to produce just a small amount of maple syrup. No wonder the real stuff is so expensive!! There was sap to taste (it tasted like sugar water) and then a small amount of real maple syrup. Yummy!! As we drove down the winding, tree-lined road to the nature center, the Noodle kept saying "Mama, I'm so excited!". I think she thought we were going to get pancakes, since I had explained that we were going to learn about maple syrup, like we put on the pancakes Daddy makes. When it was over, she seemed to have forgotten about the pancakes, but again said "that was so fun", so I know she enjoyed it.

"Stand still and consider the wondrous works of God"--Job 37:14
I can't wait!
Getting a chance to try to drill the hole.

Waiting to taste the sap and syrup.

Collecting sap from the tree.

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