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Monday, January 11, 2010

First day of preschool!!

A touch up

Today was another day of firsts for the Noodle...her first day of preschool. We had gone for a tour prior to Christmas (you can read about it here) and starting after Christmas, we kept reading and reviewing a book I had written for her all about the big event. I knew she'd do fine, but have been worried about the separation issue (on her end more than mine), so wanted to really prepare her. She's been very excited and has even been "retelling" her story to her stuffed animals ("I'm a big girl. I go to preschool. My friend L will be there. I make new friends. My teachers help me. I go potty like a big girl..."etc., etc). So this morning was The Big Day. J went in late to work so that we could both drop her off. She was such a champ. She took off her coat, mittens and hat, hung them up and walked into the room all by herself, while greeting one of her teachers. We walked in with her and watched her look around and watch all the other children and look at all the cool, different toys and then gave her a kiss and a hug and left. There were no tears. There was no clinging to the legs. There was only a happy little girl all ready to explore everything that nursery school has to offer. For today and tomorrow, she'll go for just an hour, but starting next week it will be for 2 hours.

Once we got out into the hall, J gave me a big hug and we both had to wipe away a tear...our little girl is growing up!! When I went back to pick her up, she was busy, busy, busy but as soon as she saw me, she ran over and gave me the biggest hug. Ohhh it felt soo good! It was obvious that she had had a blast and felt very comfortable. What a blessing. After we were all bundled up, she went back into the room and started playing again. Definitely a sign that she liked it. On the drive home, she was full of discussions about her teacher, what they had done and her plans for tomorrow.

Her new school career is off to a smashing start I'd say:)


Nicole said...

OH my GOODNESS, that snowman dress is ADORABLE!

What a brave girl heading to school! She is getting big, it happens all too fast, doesn't it?

Joel said...

We are so happy that Claire liked her first day of school! How exciting! Way to go Claire!

Susan said...

I can't believe it's preschool time already! I always loved my little shopping/coffee break times with friends during preschool hours :)