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Monday, September 7, 2015


Yum, yum ohhh yummm!!

The end of summer means the start of raspberry picking time.  These little fellas are so delicious aren't they?!
We went to our "farm in the city" to pick last weekend and it did not disappoint.
We headed out to row 2blue and started picking.  The littlest one wasn't nearly as into it this time and she probably ate her weight in berries (and paid for it later...).  Ugh.
By the end, it was mainly J and I picking--the older one had petered out too.
We still got quite a haul and have been eating raspberries at most meals.  Love them.
Since it was well past lunch, we decided to go to a local 1950's restaurants.  Milkshakes, french fries and burgers (or grilled cheese) all around.  Big smiles from everyone!

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