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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Rainy Nights and Gotcha Day

Over the summer the Noodle participated in a one-day dance camp, put on by our high school's drill squad.  The "littles" get to perform at a football pre-game show and this past Friday night was the night.
Boo for us that it was absolutely pouring buckets.  It had slowed from the deluge earlier in the evening to a slow, steady downpour, but still.  Not the best night for a football game.
Thankfully it wasn't cold and the girls were super pumped to watch the band, people watch, and catch a play or two of the game (kinda like me).  Our home team did well and scored 2 touchdowns in the first quarter, so that made it quite exciting too.  I do have to admit that we were fair weathered fans who left after the first quarter and didn't even make it to half-time.  We promised them we'd go again and watch another game when the conditions were a bit more favorable.
On Saturday it rained off and on all day, so after running around in the morning, we hunkered down in the house.  Since the Noodle's Gotcha Day falls during the week this year (Tuesday), we decided to go out to eat Saturday night instead.
The girls got dressed up in their silks, which is always special, and then we went to our new favorite place for Chinese and basically ate ourselves silly.  Everything tasted sooo good.
The Noodle has been into Butterfinger candy bars lately and I had found this dessert (thank you Pinterest) that I thought she'd like.  Unfortunately we had eaten so much at dinner, none of us had any desire to eat a rich piece of pie when we got home, so we saved it until Sunday.
Happy Gotcha Day Noodle!  7 years with your forever family!!
It is amazing how time can go by so fast and still feel like just yesterday. 
We love you to the China moon and back!!  You bring so much life, personality and love to our family.  Big hugs and kisses to you :)

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