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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The struggle is REAL!

Last week we decided that Mei Mei needed to give up her nap.  She was still doing a great job going down mid-day, but at bedtime, there was quite a bit of chatter going on, even an hour after she went to bed.

Just like I had done (and still do) with the Noodle, I implemented "quiet time".  Basically time in her room where she can play, read, listen to music, whatever, but she's doing her thang and I'm doing mine.  She was all for it!

Yesterday, while driving home in the car around 5:15 this happened.
Today she was up in her room and all of a sudden I realized it was tooo quiet.  Always raises suspicions where toddlers and preschoolers are concerned.  This was what I found.
Poor baby!  The struggle is real!!

I will say, 7:30 comes and by 7:35, she's out like a light.

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