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Friday, December 19, 2014

This time, a year ago...

This time a year ago we were hanging up Mei Mei's stocking, wrapping up a few presents for her and praying all the while, because we knew she wouldn't be home with us Christmas morning . She was still in China, totally clueless about who we were or how her life would be changing in just a few short weeks.  The Lord knew though, and he kept her safe in his hands until we could get to her.  
This time a year ago, I kept listening to the song Merry Christmas by Third Day.  Each time I would hear it, I would cry because it so captured my feelings. 
This year when I hear it, I still cry because the last verse is so spot on!  Nothing like a good cry, every once in a while, right?!
It is amazing what happens in one years time.  An orphan finds her forever family and a family meets the daughter/sister that God had preordained.  The miracle of a adoption continues and I'm blown away by it each and every time.  God is so good.  His timing is always perfect, even though it is usually too slow for me--ha!
So this Christmas, I say a prayer for all those families who are still waiting to hold their precious children.  I pray for the little ones in distant lands and those right down the block who are desperate to feel the loving arms of a Mama and a Daddy and to know that they will never, ever be alone again--especially at Christmas.

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