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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


We knew there was a chance that Mei Mei would need additional surgeries once she got home, but quite honestly, since her lip and palate had been repaired in China, I was hopeful that this wouldn't actually be needed.  Unfortunately, that was not the case.  It seems that her soft palate developed a fistula (opening) and so when we went to the cleft clinic back in March, they indicated that yes indeed, it did need to be repaired.
Originally they had wanted her to go in for the operation at the beginning of April, but neither J nor I felt comfortable with that--just too many changes for the poor little peanut!  They had an opening at the end of April so we decided to go ahead.  Oh, and it also happens to fall on our 14th anniversary.  Not quite the way I had hoped to spend my anniversary, but at least J and I are together.
She will end up having a cleft plate repair with a z-plasty which will not only close the fistula but also elongate her palate, thus providing better closure for speech.  The surgeon will also inject a little collagen into her top lip to even out the fullness and finally, the ENT will put in tubes.  Whew!
Over Spring Break we took a visit down to the Clinic and met with a child life specialist for a tour and to help Mei Mei begin to understand what was coming.  The good news is that we went through (some of) this with the Noodle, so at least we know what to expect. Liquids and then soft foods for a few weeks, and hopefully just one overnight in the hospital.
It won't be pretty, but when I think about the kinds of surgeries that she could be having, it is on the more minor end.  My heart does break for her when I reflect about what she went through while she was an infant in China and how scared, confused and alone she must of felt.  Poor baby!!  I feel so blessed that even while she has to go through more procedures, now she has a Mama, Daddy and sister who love her and are willing to move the moon for her to feel comfortable and at peace.  I know that God will be in that O.R. watching over her and guiding all the professionals who will be managing her care.

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