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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend

The Noodle has been really interested in dinosaurs lately, so we decided on Good Friday to go to the Natural History Museum to check out the local dinos.  After that we met up with Daddy for lunch--always fun and sure to bring out the smiles and giggles.  Since I didn't want to let Good Friday slip by without remember the real reason we celebrate (?) it, after Mei Mei's nap we made Resurrection Rolls (link here) . Once Daddy got home we dyed eggs which was fun too.

On Saturday J put in our new kitchen counter and a new sink.  It was great to have it in time for Easter, but it made prepping for Easter brunch (which is held at our house) a bit more challenging...no worries though. Everything got done, just as J kept telling me it would :)

The Noodle was beyond excited this year and so had a hard time going to sleep and then work up suuuuper early.  Of course, the one morning Mei Mei slept in was the morning when we wanted her to wake up! Figures--ha ha!  After everyone found their baskets and we did the jelly bean hunt, it was time to get to church.  I wish I could say that it was a good service but I really wouldn't know.  We barely made it through the worship songs before Mei Mei was ready to go prowl around.  By the start of the sermon, it was pretty obvious that she wasn't going to be content to remain, so we made our (quiet) exit.  As a side note, we've been keeping her with us during the service rather than taking her to the nursery/Sunday School, but after everything calms down from her surgery, happening at the end of the month, we'll probably start.  I certainly miss it!!

Grandma, Grandpa, Lollie and Papa came over after their services and we all had brunch--basically eating ourselves into a stupor.  I really didn't think Mei Mei would go down for a nap, but during the middle of brunch she got really quite and as the meal wore on, she could barely keep her eyes open.  She went up for a snooze and everyone else went out to enjoy the glorious sunshine.  

Papa and the Noodle played catch, J and Grandpa took a walk down to the Lake and the "ladies" just chatted.  Once Mei Mei woke up, we had our Easter Egg hunt and then played around a bit more outside until it was time to go in and clean up.  

We were once again blessed with a beautiful day and to have our family surrounding us.  Most importantly, we are blessed to be loved so much that our loving Father sent his one and only Son to die a terrible death...so that we might live.  Awesome and definitely a reason to sing praises!!  Hallelujah, Christ has risen!!

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