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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Travel Approval!!!

Earlier this week we finally got the call that we had received our Travel Approval...that, in a nutshell, means that we've finally been given the o.k. to head over to China to bring MeiMei home!!  Woot Woot!!!  We've established our Consulate appointment (Wed. 2/19) and it looks like Gotcha day with MeiMei will be Mon. 2/10.  Travel plans are still being worked out, but I think we'll be leaving later in the week of 2/3.
The last time I had talked with our agency, they thought that travel would be more likely to be mid-late February or even early March.  I was bummed, but resigned to the fact.  When Madison called, I about fell out of my chair.  The Noodle immediately asked "Are we going to China tomorrow?".  I laughed and told her no, but it almost feels that way--the short turn around time should be interesting!  We've gone into full "nesting" mode--tubs, bins and boxes have been hauled out of the attic so that we can go through them and start packing.  It was fun to take a walk down memory lane and while I spent all afternoon sorting through clothes, the Noodle was perfectly content to play with the Noah's ark and mega blocks that had enthralled her for such a long time a few, short years ago.
We've also established a travel blog because Blogger is one of the websites banned in mainland China. While I don't think we'll be posting anything that will concern the Chinese government, the Great Firewall still doesn't care for Blogger.  That being said, the site that we'll use while in China is part of the BabyJellyBeans website If you go to babyjellybeans.com and locate the "search for a website" box, you can type in MeiMei's first and last name and find our page.  If you're experiencing difficulty with it, leave me a note in the comments.

Stay tuned.............


julie said...

Congratulations!! I am so happy for you all. I have followed your blog for a long time, I even followed along on your Journey To Me site. I just clicked on the blog you will be using. I was surprised to see MeiMei's Chinese name...our daughter's Chinese name was Wu Yu Qin! I can't wait to follow along on this journey, too!!

Kimberly said...

Yay yay yay! Rejoicing with you (!!!) and praying for safe and not-too-stressful travels. Also for all the transitions and adjustments ahead for you, J., the Noodle, and especially Mei-Mei! I can't wait to follow your trip as you become a family of FOUR!

E said...

Julie--was your daughter from Wuzhou as well? Thanks for journeying with us!

E said...

Kimberly--you've done it a second time round...does being a BTDT family make it go a bit more easily?!

julie said...

No, our daughter was from Shaanxi. I see that you used Madison...I have heard nothing but great things about them. We used Children's Hope International the first time and were not overly impressed. We are seriously considering adopting again and thinking of using Madison. Did you have a good experience with them? There is another family in our small town that have adopted twice with Madison, they LOVE them!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Please forgive any intrusion, but will you answer this one query?

We received referral Jan. 8th !!
and PA On Jan. 15th!!! Would you tell me please, your wait time between PA and LOA?

Our daughter awaits in an orphanage in Nanchang and I am so very anxious to get her! As you have probably done yourself, I am trying to figure out the possibilities to how long/soon we can go and get her.

E said...

We received the referral for MeiMei 8/21/13 and then the LOA came 10/30. The longest stint was from LOA to Article 5...TA came quickly after TA. Hope this helps! Keep the faith :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you!
Cynthia in Denver