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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Making a list and checkin' it...twice?!

The adoption packing list.  It is long.  It is extensive.  It is filled with all sorts of things that you might need, or could need, or probably won't need but better take...just in case.  Whew--you've got to gear up mentally just to look at it!

I think one of the things that is so challenging is that you have this small snippet of information about your new child (size, weight, eating habits-bottle? sippy cup? straw? cup?, toileting habits-diapers? pull-ups? big girl panties?, sleeping-crib? cot? bed?, health?! etc., etc.) and you have to plan accordingly...for 2 weeks.  Add to the fact that you're in a different country, and well, you can see the confusion!  This of course doesn't even take into account the other people who are also traveling and their needs.  Yes, I realize that W@lmart has come to China and that we could certainly buy something if we didn't have it.  I'm sure we will--but still you want to be as prepared as you can!!
When we adopted the Noodle back in '08, I spent quite a bit of time looking at lists at what others who had BTDT had taken and created one for ourselves.  Thankfully, a few weeks after returning home, when everything was still fresh in my mind, I went back into our list and made notes...didn't use but definitely take again, take 2 instead of 1, waste of space--keep home.  When it was time to start gathering up for this trip, I printed the list off again and have pretty much stuck to it.
Most of the "stuff" has been collected--when I would think of something I would grab it and place it in a centralized location up in our office, or what we affectionately call 'the treehouse'--sidebar:  The Noodle gave it the name because right outside our addition (the office) is a HUGE tree and she always felt like the room was a treehouse :)  It's all piled on the table, just waiting to be packed away.  Now it is on to the clothes--thankfully we'll be leaving snow and the polar vortex behind for mid-'60s.  So glad we don't have to wrangle sweaters, heavy coats and the like!

Only a few more days!!!!

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