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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Update on Meimei!!

I was so excited to open up my inbox yesterday and get an update on Meimei!!  Not only did we get another little glimpse into her personality--but we got 3 new pictures!!!

"She can walk by herself. She can walk downstairs and upstairs, chasing with playmates. She lives in the foster family inside the orphanage. There are two older girls, one older boy and one younger boy. She can talk now. For example, if foster mother says "meimei", she will say" what's the matter?". If the little boy cries, she will go to ask "didi, what's wrong with you?” She is active and extrovert in the foster family, a little shy outside."
The Noodle and I both laughed when we opened them--such a sweetie :) After reading the little blurb, I think she definitely sounds like her big sister...especially the last sentence!  Still no word on a travel date--sigh.  Still, we'll hold onto the good news and focus on that!

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