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Saturday, January 26, 2013

When it rains, it pours...

...quite literally.  In our living room.  NOT on the list of home improvement plans.........Grrrr.
 A few weekends ago I was upstairs in the shower.  It was still pretty early, so it was dark outside.  As I was coming downstairs from the shower, J was coming up and asked me if it was raining out.  I said I didn't think so and he replied with "Grrrreat!!!!"  As we walked down and over to one of the windows in the living room, I saw the water rushing down the wall and the window.  On the inside.  This is generally not the best way to start a Saturday morning.  Big sigh.
We knew that the bath/shower directly above the living room needed some work, especially the tile/grout, but I guess it took exchanging the shower-head to really accelerate the process.  Seems that with the new shower-head, more water was hitting on the weak spots and eventually the water just starting pouring down.  We had planned on working on the bathroom, but that still quite a bit down the road.  Guess what just got moved up on the importance list?!
The Lord had us under his wing though.  Thankfully we have a second bathroom (with a shower) that we can use.  If this had happened a few months earlier, we'd have been in a whole mess of trouble since it just got finished this past November. 

So now J's working on patching the living room, replacing the last few windows, creating a little extra space in the bathroom and re-tiling the bathtub.  Good thing he doesn't mind taking a little break for this:
Happy Saturday folks!

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