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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Muffins with Mom

This morning was muffins with mom at preschool.  Such fun!  We started by making a fruit loop necklace and then went on to decorate a treasure chest.  After that it was free play and we ended the morning by eating yummy muffins (and the adults drinking St#rbucks--double yum).  The Noodle has never seen/eaten fruit loops (we're more of a Che#rios/Chex kinda family) so she didn't realize that it was actually cereal...until she saw all the other kiddos eating their necklaces.  Boy, she gobbled her's down after that!
Don't worry, that's my St#rbucks, not the Noodle's!  She wasn't about to share her muffin--had to get my own!  LOL!!

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Seth said...

Fruit Loops, eh? I have some odd memories related to you and me and Fruit Loops...not one of my better moments in life! I'm glad they got redeemed by the Noodle!