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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday

My Nana is on just about every non-profit's mailing list.  She receives calendars from the V#etnam V#ts, stickers from P#urple H#arts, postcards from the F#deration of the Bl#nd, and on and on and on!  She saves all of her junkmail "gifts" and every so often mails them to the Noodle.  Do you remember the excitment when you were young, of getting something in the mail, addressed to you?  It was pretty awesome!  Whenever the Noodle sees a large manilla envelope, she always says, "Perhaps it is from Nana?". 
Sure enough, we recently got an envelope in the mail and she was thrilled.  The stickers, pads of paper, calendar, etc. kept her busy and happy as a clam.  I'm thankful for the simple things and how junk mail to some, seems like a treasure to others.

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