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Sunday, October 24, 2010


One of my best friends from high school had us over last night for a clambake, and let me tell ya--it was delish!    I mean, really, when you can swirl anything in melted butter, you know it has to be tasty!!  I didn't realize that there was QUITE so much food and so we ate ourselves into a food coma (almost).  Good things the little ones kept us laughing with their dress-up and silly antics.  Ha ha!!
I mean, seriously!  Look at this spread!  Makes my tummy hurt just remembering :)
***The Noodle has never really been into dress-up before, mainly because we don't have any cool dress-up clothes!  But look at her sweet, little face...do you think she loved every minute of it?  Oh yeah!!  Good thing Ms. D is a dance teacher and therefore has tons and tons of fabulous frocks to put on!

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Debbie Sauer said...

You are so good at sewing, make her some. They have some cute patterns out there. Blessings.