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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

As we celebrated Mother's Day yesterday, I couldn't help but remember another mother around the world. The Noodle's birth mother. I have nothing but heartfelt gratitude for her and her decision to make the plan that she did, for her daughter. I will never know, nor understand the circumstances that led her to her difficult decision, but I DO know that I am humbled and so appreciative of her choice.

I sometimes get asked, how could mothers in China just abandon their children?! The only answer that I have, is that in many ways, our lives are as different as night and day. I can't begin to imagine the struggles, battles, financial constraints, etc. that a Chinese woman faces and I certainly have no room to pass judgement. There are some answers that we will never have. This may be one of them.

It is my prayer that the Noodle's birth mother have a peace about her decision. I trust that the Lord is stilling her heart and reassuring her of the choice. I pray that she would know that the child she gave birth to is a loving, caring, sweet-tempered little ball of energy who is loved beyond words by her forever parents. Finally, I pray that she would know how appreciative we are that we get the honor of loving and raising The Chinese Noodle.

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Kiki said...

That is so beautiful. The CN is so blessed to have you for a mommy!