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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Asian Festival

The large city close to us put on a Pan-Asian festival today. It was the first time they had organized one and the turn-out was fabulous! The weather was a bit iffy and we actually left right before the heavens open up but that didn't seem to stop people from coming down. We go periodically to Chinatown to shop at the market, so the Noodle is used to going there, but she wasn't use to the crowds. She definitely turned serious but was busy looking all around and taking it in.

Highlights of the festival included seeing the lion dance, watching the dragon dance, listening to a traditional Chinese music group, people watching and of course, eating some yummy food. We stopped in at the market to pick up a few things and had to go look at the live frogs and fish. This time, blue crab were also on sale--alive and snapping away. We'll stick to our fish stock and rice noodles and let someone else buy those!

Listening to some music.

Food, glorious food!

The Lion dance

A Jr. version

Intently watching the dragon dance.

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