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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Farmin' Friday

Grandpa has a bit of land where he has a large barn housing all of his "treasures". This is just fine with Grandma because at least the "treasures" aren't at the house--ha! He worked up some of the land next to it for us to plant a garden, so yesterday we donned our farmer caps and worked the land. We ended up planting: seedless watermelon, acorn squash, birdhouse gourds, mini-pumpkins, mini-decorative gourds and for the neighbor whose land butts up to Grandpa's, we planted cukes, 10-thorn gourds and turban gourds. We'll see what actually comes up. The Noodle and I are more novice farmers than J and we were the ones planting the seeds while he was digging mounds.

Determining the plan of attack (and still waking up from a nap).

Planting the seeds.

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