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Saturday, April 10, 2010

A slight obsession

A few weeks ago, when I went into the Noodle's class for her Easter party, I saw that the teachers had the little legos out for the kids. When I came home and told J, his eyes lit up. You see, J has always loved, I mean LOVED legos. One Christmas, Santa brought him some duplos and his older brother some of the regular legos. J wanted nothing to do with the duplos and moved right into the legos. I believe he was one and a half that Christmas?!

This fascination continued throughout J's childhood through middle school and even occasionally into high school (a little dorky, but oh-so endearing!). There was a room in his parent's house that was used as a closet. J would take over the entire closet floor and create elaborate cities in there. Since it was out of the way, he could build, expand and create to his little heart's content. Obviously, this had a profound impact on his career choices!

Fast forward to last night. I had to teach Centergy so J was going to get dinner ready and we'd eat when I got home. When I got back, he sheepishly told me that they'd been busy up in the attic...getting down the legos...all of the many, many boxes. Oh boy. Here's what our living room looked like and yes, each tackle box is FULL of little blocks and all the accessories that go with them.

The first thing that the Noodle said when she woke up this morning was, "I want to go play with my legos". J was quick to point out that they were, actually, HIS legos...lest she forget. Ha ha.

I foresee lots of of bruised feet in my future, as stepping on those little blocks is now going to become a way of life in our house.


cmccormick79 said...

i believe that uncle and aunt c LOVE legos as well. did uncle tell you that he got legos for his 30th birthday...from aunt c?? you are NEVER too old for legos!!

Seth said...

OHHHHHHHHHHH, Legos, how fun!! I'm so jealous...for some reason I sold all my legos (and matchbox cars and micro machines) when I was younger! WHY????????????????