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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Breakfast with Bear

This morning in preschool, it was breakfast with bear day. The kiddos got to bring in their favorite bear and then ate breakfast at nursery school. The Noodle was quite excited about it. When J got her up this morning, she asked him if I was going to go to school to be part of the fun. Then, when I got home from the gym, she asked me the same question. Quite honestly I hadn't planned on it (I didn't think the teachers were expecting the parents to come in), but since she specifically requested more than once, I asked if it would be o.k. when I dropped her off. When I arrived, she didn't see me and then when she finally looked my way, it took a few seconds for it to register that I had come in. And then a huge smile broke over her face...priceless!

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Kiki said...

SO cute!!! My little one has a panda like that... but calls it "doggie." (Every animal except "cow" is a doggie right now! And I loved your "I'm happy" post!