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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Melting a mother's heart

Last night I got together with a couple of women I used to work with at a local restaurant. Before I left, J and the C.N. were eating dinner. This caused the C.N. some confusion because the 2 of them were eating, and I was not. We kept reassuring her that Mama was going to eat with some friends--she then would sign back "eat" and "friends" and we would confirm her statements. I left and J finished dinner, cleaned up, played dolls with the Noodle, gave her a bath, etc., etc., etc. Periodically she would say "Mama?" and J would remind her that I was eating with friends, which she would sign "eat" and "friends". Things went pretty smoothly until time for bed when she got upset. After some kisses, cuddles and reassurance she went to sleep. Fast forward to the middle of the night, around 1:15. The Noodle usually wakes up 1-2 times per night, especially when she loses her covers and wants to be back under the blankets. I went in and covered her back up. Usually she doesn't really respond, but last night she reached her hands up for a cuddle. Then she signed "mama" "eat" "friends". I chuckled and said "Mama DID go eat with friends but now she's home and she loves you". She gave a contented sigh, rolled over and promptly fell back asleep. Talk about melting this mama's heart!!! What a love.

Having fun in the Rainforest a few days ago

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