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Wednesday, November 23, 2016


I don't know if your house is like our's, but come September, this little catalog comes in the mail filled with Halloween costumes.  The only problem?  The price tags.  $100+ for a kiddo costume? No way.
That being said, it is good for sparking ideas.  So............after pouring over it, the girls decided they wanted to be a peacock and a donut.  Both of those seemed pretty doable so J and I got to work.  Pinterest, as always, provided great tutorials.  Peacock here, donut here
 We had been to a Halloween party earlier in October, so both girls got to give their costumes a test run prior to the Big Day.  They were easy to wear and pretty comfortable.  The only problem Mei Mei had was remembering to turn sideways when going through doors--ha!

On the night before Halloween we carved pumpkins.  They each had specific ideas about how they wanted their's carved.  J decided to do one this year too.  #eachoneunique
Halloween actually was beautiful this year.  We've had a warm fall and the temperatures remained high.  Since Daylight Savings was also later, it was light out which made for an added bonus.
We hit up a few houses in our neighborhood and then took to the streets.  After about an hour and a half, bags were getting pretty heavy and full, so we decided to call it quits.
So many excited squeals of "Look what I got!" and "I'll trade you this for that!".  After counting their loot and sorting it out, we had them pick out about 12 random pieces of candy (approximately 10% of their stash) to give away.  Read about the explanation here.
There was also a drive at school to bring in goodies for servicemen stationed overseas, so we used that as an opportunity to talk about service to our country, Veterans and how this is a small way for us to show how much we appreciate their sacrifices on our behalf.  
It was a fun Halloween and both girls are still at that age where they're excited about going out, which is great.  Any opportunity when J and I can help them see their faith being acted out in real, tangible ways is even better!

Now it's onto Thanksgiving and Christmas--the most wonderful time of the year!

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