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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Beach Vacay 2016 part 2

After driving a total of 16 hours we were READY to be at the beach!  A quick stop at the condo to wash hands and put luggage inside and then it was off to get some dinner.  We like to go to the same place because it is suuuuper casual and it gets us right into that beach, vacation vibe--seafood, sweet tea, sand and ocean breezes.
After dinner and running to the grocery for provisions for the week it was time to get home and collapse into bed!  Since we're naturally early risers, we're usually up and on the beach before 9.  The hardest decision of the week?  Which book was I going to read first?!
 And this is how we vacation:
 No real set plans, just set up the tent and start enjoying the sun and surf!  We go home for lunch and stay back at the condo for an hour or two for some quiet time and then it is back down until dinner.  It is a tough life, but someone's got to do it, right?!
There was some catching of the football,
kite flying,
and watching the local wildlife.
 It wouldn't be vacation without LOTS of this:
One of the things MeiMei said that she wanted to do on the beach was read Junie B. Jones, which she happens to be really into right now.  The girls loved sitting under the tent, happily digging away and listening to all of Junie B's antics!
Really, just gazing out at this
and being here with my 3 favorite people was all this side of perfection!
Tomorrow we'll wrap up this photo dump--if you've followed along this far, congrats and thanks!

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