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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Beach Vacay 2016--off to the farm

White sugar-sand beaches, aquamarine warm water, blue skies with puffy white clouds, that lingering scent of sunscreen, a cold drink in your hand and heat in the mid-90s.  Ahhh, there's nothing like a beach vacation!  Actually I guess most of the country has been sharing in the heatwave, but somehow, when you're listening to the waves and water lap, it is blissful...otherwise it is just down right dreadful!

We headed out to drive down to the Florida panhandle but stopped along the way to visit my family who live around the midway point.  All was good until we were crossing the river over into KY and then a little person got carsick.  Poor baby!  At least she knew it was coming on, so we were able to arm her with a bag that caught most of the sick.  After a brief stop at the local Walgreens for a clothing change/wet-wipe round up and purchase of Dramamine, Lysol and ginger-ale, we were trucking it down the highway again without any more incidences.

First stop?  Southwestern KY.  We always stay with my Nana, who is rounding the corner on 91--spry bird that she is, but also got a chance to see my Aunt who owns and runs a fun, unique store/farm/garden patch.
Nana always makes us feel welcome and is such a gracious host.  She is, in my mind, an expert at entertaining and makes it seem like no big deal--whether she is hosting 4 or 44.  
After we had unpacked and visited for a while, we headed up to the Garden Patch to poke around and pick up a few new plants.  It is always so fun to see what my Aunt has been doing!  
Isn't this bunting off of an old quilt just great?!  I love how she strung it up in the barn over the place where the cash register is.
 We always get so many ideas and find inspiration around every turn.
 The girls loved seeing the chickens and (not pictured) the goats and black sheep.
It really is the simplest things:  they both LOVED playing with Nana's walker, her cane and the cats. The cats were not nearly as amused.  Ha!
The next morning we were up bright and early (hello 5 a.m.) to eat breakfast and then get on the road. Not sure how enthusiastic Nana was about the extra "help" as she was getting ready, but she sure was a good sport ;)
 And this is how we all feel about 7 hours into the drive.  Nothing left to do but just sleep!
Next stop--Florida!

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