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Friday, July 29, 2016

Beach Vacay 2016--All good things must come to an end!

So for the past few days, I've been setting down, for posterity's sake, our family vacation to the Panhandle of Florida.  We're pretty much beach bums the whole.entire.time. we're down there #noshame.
I mean, really, can you blame us?!?!  If we weren't doing the whole reading-kite flying-football tossing-hunting for critters thing then we were most likely doing one of the following:
or maybe this:
We ate some delish food and celebrated J's birthday,
and a vast number of sand structures were created.
We took time to snuggle
and take in the view. again.
Finally, we managed to clean ourselves up and attempted the famous "beach-at-sunset-family-photograph".  We started off okay,
 but then the camera started fogging up and in the end, we had to call it quits.
The next night was much better, even though it was starting to sprinkle.  Thankfully everyone was very cooperative and we were able to get done in 10 minutes and only got mildly soaked as we walked home.  Ha!
It was such a relaxing time and filled with so many sweet memories!  What a blessing that I get to call these 3 my own!

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